More Team Otter in Nepal

We are delighted to report on more Team Otter work in Nepal, this time at Chitwan National Park. IOSF was delighted to support Paras Acharya and his team at Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) during their project entitled “Education and Formation of Team Otter Clubs in Chitwan National Park, Nepal” Chitwan National Park is located in the south of Nepal and is home to species such as rhino’s and tigers.

This project was based on raising awareness of otters and their conservation in schools across the Chitwan NP buffer zone. It was split into two sub projects – creating awareness programme and educational workshops with a view to starting Team Otter clubs in the area. The RHF team visited 8 schools delivering their programme covering aspects such as otter ecology, biology, habitat, behavior and aspects of conservation issues and conservation of otters, reaching out to a total of 323 children.

Following this outreach, they discussed the possibility of the creation of Team Otter environmental clubs where children would learn more and be responsible for the environmental protection around their area. 38 children, across 5 schools, helped form 5 Team Otter clubs. The project was a huge success and children were understood otter/wetland conservation. The interactive nature meant children’s interest and engagement increased throughout. One of the main issues faced by otters both in Nepal, and worldwide, is fishing conflict but thanks to this programme it will help to develop a strong sense of stewardship and responsibility in otter conservation, habitats and environmental issues of river basins. Children, and local communities, will gain more of an understanding of the benefits of otters and therefore they will face less persecution. T

he formation of the Team Otter club will enhance the awareness about values and importance of riverine indicator species and help the desire, commitment, dedication and motivation to help in their conservation. There are now plans to reach out to a bigger audience, using the Team Otter clubs, and participate in World Otter Day activities this year.

Let's go Team Otter!

William is busy in Tanzania again!

IOSF was delighted to support William Mgomo, our African Community Education Officer, for his latest otter work in Tanzania. Many of you will know all about William’s extensive otter projects in his area and the benefits he is having on otters and communities.

William recently visited five schools across the region. He visited Mtama and Lipumba Primary Schools in the Mbinga Region reaching out to 555 children then went to Lituhi, Litimba and Lihuhu schools near Lake Nyasa delivering his message to a further 944 children! During his visits, William emphasised the importance of otter conservation, their habitats, ecology, challenges they face and the importance of how living organisms are all dependant on each other.

William said “I tried to give them some examples of other species that we perceive as the problem in our lives, without knowing their roles in ecosystems such as snakes and flies. Where snakes are dangerous, they help us reduce the number of rats (rats destruct crops and reduce the yield). A fly is an agent of spreading diseases such as cholera but it helps in decomposition of materials. So, every organism as its own role in ecosystem. So, it is better to preserve otter and stop killing them for the purpose of getting meat, medicine, or as an enemy.”

Following his school visits, William also engaged with fishermen across the region. In the Mbinga district he visited the fishing ponds of Daniel Mlawa, the headmaster of one of the schools, and thankfully he reported no conflicts with otters and his fish. Furthermore, on Lake Nyasa, he chatted to 46 fishermen and found that there are two species of otter on the lake. Although the fishermen have no conflict or issues with otters he was made aware of poachers that are hunting otters for bushmeat. William was fortunate enough to be able to speak to one of the poachers and really emphasise the importance of otters in the region. During this time he promised that he would stop poaching and become an ambassador to help otters!

William continues to be a superb ambassador for otters and in just over a year alone has visited over 2200 kids and spread the word of otters.

William finished by saying “Education awareness went well with some little challenges. The students and fishermen loved the lessons and promised me that they would be a good ambassador of otters and spread the positive word to other people.”

We cannot emphasis enough how brilliant William is and thank him for his continued passion for otters.

IOSF Children's artwork competition 2021

IOSF is delighted to announce the winner of the children's artwork competition! 

Koen Kramer is the winner with his artwork (pictured). We particularly liked Koen's use of actual rubbish to emphasise the issue. 

Well done Koen!

Second place in the art competition

We are delighted to also announce that Isla Powell came second in the art competition with her amazing otter art! 

We like the saying "Rubbish is rubbish"

Well done Isla!

Meet Laurie Simpson

Say hello to 7-year-old, otter lover, Laurie Simpson!

Laurie was inspired by IOSF’s rehab centre to take extra special care of her otters. She washes and grooms them, just like a mother otter would, and has even set up a sauna holt to get them all dried off and ready for bed time!

Check out the photos to see how much care she is giving to her otter family and has promised the otters a special treat for posing for her story!

Keep up the good work Laurie!

More Team Otter work in Laos

IOSF was delighted to hear of more work by our friend Kiengkai Khoonsrivong in Laos. Following his work in the Summer 2020 in the Bolikhamxay province of the country, Kiengkai continued his outreach programme visiting the Luangprabang and Oudomxay provinces. 

During Kiengkai's outeach programme he managed to visit over 200 children and teach them about the importance of otters and wetland habitats around their respective areas. He also talked to local communities about presence, perceptions and other factors relating to otters. 

We are delighted to have supported the project and helped grow awareness for otters in the area. We look forward to seeing more from Kiengkai and his team moving forward.

Team Otter in Nepal

IOSF was delighted to be able to support Aarati Basnet and her community outreach programme in Shuklaphanta National Park, Nepal, focusing on the indigenous “Rana Tharu” community. Aarati’s project was due to be completed around World Otter Day, as part of our World Otter Day grants, but unfortunately due to restrictions it had to be delayed.

At the end of October, we were pleased to hear that the project could go ahead. The objectives of the programme were to increase awareness of otters including threats, facts and importance to local communities and children of the area – one of the last strongholds for Smooth-coated Otters in Nepal. The aspect of the project that focused on children used fun and engaging games and talks with the view to starting a Team Otter club for children with a real passion to help.

During the programme students were invited from 6 different schools to attend and learn more about otters from the following:

Presentation on Otters: Ms. Aarati Basnet gave her presentation on otters covering aspects such as identification of otters, status globally and in Nepal, their ecological importance, threats and the role of the local community for its research and conservation.

Educational video on Smooth-coated Otters:  The entertaining educational video comprising cartoons and video on Smooth-coated Otters was shown to the children with a goal to develop their knowledge and inspire and excite them to conserve their local otter populations.

Presentation on wetland conservation: Mr. Prashant Ghimire gave a presentation on an overview of the wetlands, their functions, uses, the need for their preservation and current issues.

Games: After the presentation and video, a quiz was organised based on the information and knowledge they had just received. Different interesting questions were asked with prizes for the correct answer. Furthermore, the ‘Find the way to feed the otter, puzzle game’ was also given to the children.

The outdoor game named ‘Find the otter- treasure hunt’ was organised where players were divided into two teams and then searched for the hidden otter by following a trail of clues. The clues were designed in such a way to provide interesting facts on otters.

Formation of Team Otter:  A group of ten interested children formed a Team Otter club, known as ‘Oat ko toli’ in local language. They are fascinated with the idea of conservation of otters locally and teaching what they have learnt to their friends and other members of society. They also have plans to conduct conservation awareness programmes across their area. The formation of the club will increase awareness about otters and a desire to help solve conservation issues.

Final speech:  Our chief guest Tilak Bhatta, Principle of Retina International School gave the closing speech of our programme. He emphasized that such otter conservation programmes should be conducted on a regular basis. He expressed his gratitude towards the organising team and encouraged us to conduct further programmes in coming days. He also highlighted the importance of wetlands, small mammals and otters in our ecosystem and assured his support for otter conservation in the near future.


Creating awareness about otters and their habitat aroused the curiosity of both students and local people. By the end of the programme we found increased knowledge and a changed perspective of local children regarding otters and their conservation. Having achieved the objectives of this event, we are satisfied with the outcome of the event and will continue to work with students and the local community to instill in them a sense of otter conservation and environmental responsibility.

Thank you to Aarati Basnet and the rest of her team for this great project!

Otter watching with Team Otter Broadford

The Team Otter club in Broadford got to watch otters for the first time as a group! Despite plenty of noise walking over to the spot the kids went *almost* silent as to not disturb the feeding otter!

Team Otter Broadford continues

Another week out and about for the Team Otter club in Broadford! This time we took to the streets of Broadford, rather than the beach, to carry on our mission. We managed to collect a massive 28kg of litter from the environment, with the majority being cans, crisp packets and plastic bottles!

We urge everyone across the world to reduce waste and make sure to use bins! The ground is not a bin.

We also welcome a new member in Jude!

Team Otter Broadford are back!

We are back! 

We are delighted to say that the Broadford Team Otter club met again for the first time since restrictions and the start of these uncertain times. The club has decided to focus on cleaning up the village and making a difference for wildlife and the community by ensuring a healthy environment for all. 

Our first trip was to the shores of Broadford Bay to start our "clean-up". Despite both leaders claiming that it "wasn't too bad", the kids managed to collect a whopping 25kg of rubbish in around an hour! 

We will continue to work towards this and encourage the rest of the community, and visitors, to back our campaign. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the kids and to see what can still be achieved while keeping to Covid restrictions.

We would also like to welcome our three new club members, Blair, Louise and Lola!

And yes, Team Otter News will return (watch this space).

Team Otter in South Africa

We were delighted to be contacted about children's otter work near Cape Town, South Africa.

The group, Hoerikwaggo Kids Club*, run by environmental education company TreeHouse Family, went on an otter expedition at Cape Point, a place known to have African Clawless otters. Although they didn’t manage to see any otters this time they found traces of them (secondary signs) such as their scat, or spraint, tracks and their holt. The rocks along their pathway were stained a dark brown from all their activity back and forth!

Part of the group was Sydney Holloway, winner of IOSF's children's artwork competition for her amazing Sea otter pencil drawing! And accompanying them was her prize, her cuddly otter, which you can see in the pictures!

We are delighted to be in contact with the kids club and look forward to working together in the future. You can keep an eye of Hoerikwaggo Kids Club on the Facebook Page Here

*The word Hoerikwaggo comes from the Khoi-San word meaning 'mountain in the sea' which is what we commonly refer to as Table Mountain, one of Cape Town's most famous landmarks.

Chloe visits Skye

Remember super-Chloe, who ran a half marathon for otters and IOSF!

Well, Chloe and her family recently visited Broadford, Isle of Skye, the home of IOSF. They have spent the last week or so sailing up the west coast of Scotland in the sunshine and have been lucky enough to spot dolphins, basking sharks and, of course, an otter!

We were delighted to be able to meet Chloe, who loves otters, and have a chat about them and what makes them so special. It was a lovely day when she visited so we managed to show her an otter-hotspot and tracking signs such as spraint - which she is going to go and use to investigate her own area for otters! We can't wait to hear what she finds!

It was lovely to meet Chloe, her sister Effie, and the rest of her family and, once again, a super thank you for your hard work to raise over £800 for otters!

Team Otter in Scotland

IOSF was invited by Broadford and Strath Community Company's Corry Capers to spend a day on an otter hunt.

It was a beautiful day on the Isle of Skye as we took to the nearby coast of Loch Skinadin, just outside of Broadford, a place that IOSF knows well for watching otters in the area.

We split into two groups and headed on our outdoor adventure. The kids were so quiet and patient as we kept our eyes peeled - but the otters never appeared! Nevertheless, we managed to have a discussion about otters and what makes this area so perfect - as well as checking out other wildlife and landmarks of the area!

We would like to thanks the Broadford Outdoor Learning for our invitation and we look forward to joining you again!

Team Otter in Laos

We are delighted to report on some community outreach and Team Otter work in Laos. In 2018 IOSF held its Laos training workshop and Kiengkai Khoonsrivong helped us to organise this. He has continued his interest in otters and is visiting local communities to deliver a message on otters and their conservation.

They are half way through their outreach programme and have already seen success which he has reported to us.

As part of the Laos Otter project, Kiengkai has set up a Team Otter Programme.

During the kids’ sessions, they discussed otters and held a children's artwork competition with the teachers picking the eventual winner. The children had fun and learned about the importance of otters and wetland habitats.

We are delighted to welcome them to our Team Otter Network.

He also visited local communities to discuss otters and how their populations have changed over the last 10 years. The community members stated that they had seen otters along a number of waterways in the area and the main problems are over-fishing, loss of habitat and illegal trade for furs and meat.

IOSF was delighted to fund and support this project.

Team Otter Nature Hunt

Kids, why not try the Team Otter Nature Hunt? 

It's a challenge to try and complete as many of the squares as possible. You might not be able to get them all but see how many you can! 

*Please make sure to adhere to current government guidelines while completing this challenge.

Otter Factfile from Canada

Sidath, in Canada, made these factfiles about otters. First, he made an English one, then he translated it into French!

He also sent IOSF his beautiful drawing of any otter.

Thanks Sidath. 

More from our friends at Yupukari Wildlife Club

Yupukari Wildlife club in Guyana continues to meet and learn all about wildlife and their responsibilites in the environment.

Here they are painting community bins and enjoying some wildlife watching. 

Update from Yupukari

We've had an update from Ben Driver in Guyana, who runs the Yupukari Wildlife Club.

"Yupukari Wildlife Club has been meeting twice a week, for games and art on Wednesdays after school and for mini field trips on Saturdays. 16 kids woke up at the crack of dawn for birding at 6am, I was well impressed.

This week was all about camera trapping, a local guide Howard and I took the kids to the forest around Ashley's House and set the cameras up there, hoping for some good results! And I also got the kids to set up a camera trap in the village on Wednesday to then run like animals in front of it to set the trap off, it was a lot of fun! The kids really seem up for anything; they love the art and drawing birds and other animals out of books, playing games is always a hit, and I think they're really enjoying the field trips!"

Great to see the kids engaging well with the club and enjoying learning about wildlife!

Team Otter Virpazar

There has been more fun activities from the Team Otter club in Virpazar, Montenegro. The children, who all attend Jovan Tomašević primary school in the village, all participated in the education section of the local "humor festival".

As part of the festival, the children took part in a quiz on otters and lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkan region, which the children won! As part of the festival, a cartoon in relation to "Vidra" or "otters" was created!

Thanks once again to Nino Djurovic and the Team Otter group!

Team Otter in Guyana

IOSF, along with friends Save the Giants, recently held its 7th international workshop in Guyana. More specifically, we headed to Yupukari village in the Rupununi region of the country.

During the workshop we also helped continue the work of the Yupukari Wildlife Club, a group of children that share our passion with wildlife. The children in Yupukari share their home with two species of otter, the Giant and the Neotropical.

We, along with Save the Giants and Para La Tierra, held an open wildlife club day where children could come and play games, draw pictures, create masks and write letters to other Team Otters from around the world. 

Save the Giants intern Ben will now be part of continuing the Yupukari Wildlife Club and we will keep you updated on how he is getting on!

Team Otter in Germany

The "Otter Class" at Tuempelgarten-Schule, Hanau, Germany have been working hard learning about otters. Here are our favourite pictures from the class drawn by Lina, Eliza, Elif and Maja.

Our German Team Otter group are going to learn more about otters using IOSF's education pack. 

Team Otter in Bangladesh

There is now an IOSF Team Otter club in Bangladesh!

Sriman Delip Kumar Das, who attended IOSF's workshop in Bangladesh has started a Team otter club in Dhaka. After spending the day at Pogose School talking about otters with over 200 pupils he found 15 kids who wanted to meet regularly and discuss otters and the environment.

Delip's Team Otter club will meet monthly to discuss otters, conservation and the environment. Keep an eye here for updates on what is going on!

Sea Otter Awareness Week

This week is Sea Otter Awareness week. A week designed to raise awareness for this amazing species and their habitats.

To celebrate the week we are encouraging Team Otter's to send in their pictures of Sea otters and we will display our favourites on the Team Otter website and IOSF Instagram page!

Send your pictures to 

Why don't you try the Sea otter quiz and see how much you know about the species? Click here to give it a go!

©John Pennell

Otter madness fun!

Team Otter's Ryan MacKinnon playing Otter Madness.

Ryan enjoyed the game and said "I'm having fun with this game".

Great to see kids playing the game and keep trying Ryan!

IOSF Otter Oscars 2019

The International Otter Survival Fund is now accepting nominations for the IOSF Otter Oscars 2019.

If you have done something amazing, or know someone that has, related to otters then CLICK HERE to find out how you can enter!

IOSF visits Ullapool

On the 27th and 28th of June IOSF's education officer visited the Ullapool Sea Savers and Badcaul Primary School to deliver our message on otters.

Ullapool Sea Savers were the winner of an IOSF Otter Oscar for the work they did in relation to preventing the kelp dredge on the west coast of Scotland. Following a night teaching them all about otters they joined Ben as he went to Badcaul Primary School, before heading to Scoraig for a 'field visit' to show them signs.

Visit Your Page to check out the artwork done by the Badcaul pupils.

Otter Madness

Can you help Olga the otter dodge the threats and be reunited with her cubs?

Click Here To Play

WORLD OTTER DAY in the Small Isles, Scotland

Muck Primary School's World Otter Day celebration.

Pupils from Eigg Primary came over on the boat and, with the Muck Primary School pupils, learned about otters together. After watching a couple of otter videos, the children worked in pairs/3s and read a couple of IOSF's fact sheets. They then had to present three interesting otter facts to the rest of the group.

Check out the photo's below of their Ottery-ly fantastic day!



Spread your love of otters, tell all your friends why you love them so much and raise awareness for their conservation!

Vote now!

Latest arrival!

Here is our 6th otter but he has no name! We have teamed up with Broadford Primary School to choose a name and need your help picking a winner.

CLICK HERE to cast your vote


Visit the Resources page for our education pack and kids leaflet!

Ottery gifts!

Check out some of our ottery presents and items you can get! 

Click SHOP to have a look

Mother and cub reunited

Click the link to watch the video!

Otter Playfight

Watch as this mother and cub have a play-fight outside their holt. We have been monitoring these two otters for a while now and they never fail to offer some sort of entertainment.

Oscar II Update

IOSF's youngest otter Oscar II continues in his rehab. He has since moved outside and is very independent. We rarely see him and only do so infrequently to 'check-up' on him.

Intruder Alert


Watch as male otter receives hostile reception on approaching mother and cub. Eventually, the male is allowed 'visiting rights'

IOSF Otter Oscars 2018


Have you done something special for otters this year? Maybe you know a friend, family member or classmate that has.

Click here to nominate yourself or someone else for an IOSF Otter Oscar. We love to recognise people that do special things for otters and this is your chance to put someone forward for that!

Here is our winner!

Molly Simko, pictured, proudly displays her prizes after winning IOSF's Otter Artwork Competition 2018.

Her picture, below, was chosen among many other great pieces of artwork as this year's best. 

Congratulations to Molly and a massive thanks to all the other entries this year.

🎨🏆IOSF Artwork Competition 2018🎨🏆

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Molly Simko, aged 11, from Pennsylvania, USA for winning this year's IOSF's otter artwork competition.

After a very tough decision with some excellent pieces of artwork Molly's picture, right, was chosen as the winner. 

Thanks to all this year's superb entries.

Ray's release

One of the best things about looking after otters in when we get to release them. Otters are wild animals and they are only ever in IOSF's care until they are okay to go back where they belong, the wild.

This video shows the release of Ray on a beautiful afternoon. We all agreed that this is one of our best releases and it was with great happiness we said our farewells to Ray!

Beatha and the hosepipe!

All this dry weather has meant that we have had to use a hose to fill otter pools. Beatha, one of IOSF's otter cubs, has particularly enjoyed this. Beatha loves playing under the hose as shown in the video and will be hoping that the wet weather doesn't return!


A day to celebrate how amazing otters are and how they can help us and we can help them!

Thank you all for all your wonderful events and helping us make this IOSF's World Otter Day the biggest one so far!

Jaguar v Otter

What happens when two of South America's most ferocious predators come head to head.

Who do you think will run away?

©Ailton Lara/Panthera 

Cub movements

There have been a couple of movement's with IOSF's cubs at the otter rehab and release centre.

Uisge has now moved up to the large croft pens. He will now stay there until his release. This pen is large and away from people meaning will have minimal human interaction which will ensure he retains his wild nature.

Mel, the youngest of our cubs has moved from his inside cub unit into the pen vacated by Uisge. Very inquisitive at first, inspecting his whole pen, Mel has now settled into his reserved nature where he hides under his bedding. 

Caption Competition

Can you come up with the best caption for this photo!

Email with your entries!

©John Pennell

Sea Otter Savvy

Wild Lens and Sea Otter Savvy have produced a short film to educate on how to interact with Sea Otters without disturbing them.

Although this video focuses on Sea Otters it is true for all other species. Always maintain a safe distance between yourself and otters to ensure the safety of both.

To watch the video CLICK HERE

Not 1, or 2 but 3 Otters

Watch as these three Eurasian otters in Scotland feed.

©Sea Kayak Plockton (

New home for Otters

On Saturday 10th February Somerset Earth Science Centre held an otter event inviting children and adults to join in their activity. 25 kids and 24 adults, as part of the East Mendip Wildlife WATCH group, attended learning more about otters, including trying IOSF's quiz.

During this activity an artificial holt was built on the lake for otters to use. There are otters signs around the lake so let's hope they use this new home!

Photo © Somerset Earth Science Centre

Our Female Otter has a cub!

IOSF has been monitoring this female on the Isle of Skye for some time now. Now, she is a mother! Our latest camera trap video shows her and her cub playing near to their holt!

Update from Iraq

We are pleased to say that the rare Maxwell's Otter Cub that was taken to our Middle Eastern Coordinator Omar al Sheikhly is doing well and growing!

©Omar al Sheikhly

🐟Dinners ready🐟

A Eurasian Otter bringing it's dinner to shore
©Sarah Corrigall

Merry Christmas

IOSF would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Young Sea Otter escapes Shark attack

This young Sea Otter managed to escape a shark attack. Found on a beach in Carmel, California the cub was taken to Monterey Bay Aquarium to be looked after.
The young cub was given antibiotics and fluids. We will keep you updated on how this little man gets on.

©KSBW TV Action News 8

IOSF Otter Hospital Appeal

IOSF has launched an appeal to upgrade it's otter facilities. Click here to find out more!

Airport Otters

One of the world's busiest airport was brought to a halt thanks to a family of otters. Singapore's Changi Airport had to stop flights temporarily as these otters seeked refuge from the rain under one of the planes. Eventually, the otters were ushered off the runway and normality resumed at the airport.
©Wilson Tan


Take IOSF's latest otter quiz. What do you know about the different species of the world? All the answers can be found on this website!

Go across to "Fun and Games" and give it a try!

Artwork Competition

WE HAVE A WINNER! This is Grace Maclean's drawing of an otter, the winner of IOSF's otter competition.

Swing over to Your Page to see who finished in the top 3 entries from across the world, who won our special Guatemala competition and check out their amazing artwork!

Big move

Sofi and Noelle have moved from the nursery pen to the big pens on the croft. The picture may not be the best but shows Sofi checking out what will be her new home for the next few months. Noelle was a bit camera shy as she ran and hid in her box.

Their new home allows them to live more like wild otters and learn how to be a bit more independent. This is the last place they will live before they leave for the wild and the perfect final step before their release.

Say Cheese!

Look who appeared on one of IOSF's camera traps. 

Sea Otter Awareness Week

This week is Sea Otter awareness week - 24th-30th September 2017! Let's all join together and raise awareness for this beautiful otter.

This guy may be covering his ears but we would love to hear all about how you are celebrating Sea Otter week! Email and tell us all about what you have done this week.

Thanks to Tabea Lanz for the photo.

🏄Surfs Up 🏄

See how these two Eurasian Otters from the Isle of Skye swim effortlessly through the waves. Otters are very strong swimmers and even big waves like these are no match for them!

Thanks to Stewart Dawber at Skye High Wildlife for the photo.

Otter Cards!

IOSF has just launched their new otter cards. There is one for every species and great to learn more about where they live, what they look like and how big they are. 

You can collect one at a time or get all at once. Simply click here to see more and start your otter card collection!

French cub

On Friday 8th of September IOSF received an email from Manon Tissidre in France. She had a couple of otter cubs and was asking for some advice. As always, IOSF is delighted to be asked to help in such cases and offered some guidance to help the cubs.

Happily, the two cubs are doing well thanks to the good work of Manon. 

Brothers reunited!

After finding the first otter cub near Clachtoll, Scotland, a second cub was found in the same place!

After a week apart the brothers have now been reunited at IOSF's sanctuary here on the Isle of Skye. Ernie, the first cub, and Jenson will spend the next 12-15 months in the care of the IOSF team before being released back to wild where they were found.

IOSF would like to thank everyone involved in getting the two cubs to us.

New Arrival

Welcome to our newest arrival who arrived last night at the sanctuary. This tiny cub had been found running around beside the road at Clachtoll, near Lochinver, in north-west Scotland. 

Thanks to Clarinda who found it and Andy, Noel and Jackie who helped to get the cub to us on Skye.

Thank you Otter's class!

Thank you to Monkton Park Primary School for raising a superb £119.73!

The "Otter's class" managed to raise money during a produce sale using various fruit and vegetables that they had grown throughout their school year. Given their name they decided to donate the money raised to the International Otter Survival Fund.

So a big thank you to everyone at IOSF!

Sea Otter v Octopus

Sea Otter's are most famous for eating clams and other shellfish but sometimes they like to go for something a little bit bigger and a little more dangerous. Octopus are not an easy thing to catch and often kill predators but this brave otter was hungry for a protein-rich dinner.

Check out this photo of a female Sea Otter showing off her latest catch, a Giant Pacific Octopus!

Thanks to Emma Luck at Rainbow Tours for the photo

Otter on Holiday!

The wee soft otter that keeps us company in the office is having great adventures on the high seas this week. He has gone kayaking in Orkney with Helen and is having a wonderful time!

What are your toy otters doing this summer? We would love to see some pictures!

Albino Otter

Sometimes you put out your camera trap to see what's hanging around your garden and you spot something very rare! Graeme Gebbie, Kilmarnock, Scotland, had exactly that as he caught this video of an extremely rare albino Otter in his garden.

Goodbye to Ganga 👋

After spending over a year in the care of IOSF at the rehabilitation centre it was finally time to say goodbye to Ganga.

It may have taken us over a week to catch her as she hid among the pond, showing she truly is wild, but we managed to catch her today and set her free. The best thing about being involved in rehab of Otters is at this moment when you can let them go and be where they belong.

'Bye Ganga!

Cheeky Otters

Watch as these Smooth-Coated otters tease a Mugger crocodile in Bardia national park, Nepal. ©Sagar Giri

Thank you!

As part of Walk for Wildlife, Raasay Primary School decided to raise money for the International Otter Survival Fund.

Here they are dressed up in their self-decorated otter masks. Raasay Primary raised a superb £96.83 for otters!

Everyone at IOSF would like to express the biggest thanks to everyone at Raasay Primary school!

Father's Day!

Fathers Day is just around the corner!

Why not treat your Dad to IOSF's Otter Adoption pack for Dad? The perfect gift this Father's Day for Dad and for Otters.

If you are interested click here

Thank you from IOSF

As part of the Walk for Wildlife, Struan Primary school based on the Isle of Skye decided to raise money for the International Otter Survival Fund. A small primary school, containg only 4 children, managed to raise a massive £430.

On Tuesday 6th June, Grace and Ben from the IOSF took a trip to visit the school and give the children a chance to learn more about otters of the world. Spending the afternoon with Sophie, Dexter, Vivienne and Alex it was great to see their enthusiasm and knowledge on otters!

So a massive thanks from IOSF to Struan Primary school, keep up the good work!

World Otter Day - 31st of May 2017!

As part of this years World Otter Day people around the globe chose to raise awareness of otter conservation! In Benin, pictured, Fataï Aina of the Amis de l’Afrique Francophone (AMAF-BENIN) celebrated World Otter Day in Sô-Ava on Lake Nokoué by holding an education day for 300 schoolchildren and 14 teachers. All over the world people were raising money and awareness for our aim to help otters all over the world.

Thank you for everyone that helped out 🙂

What did you do? If you haven't already told IOSF how you celebrated World Otter Day we would be delighted to know!

Summer's coming! 🌞

With the heat wave hitting the UK we all need time to cool down in the sea. Things are no different for our little cub from Chile, Changuita. Changuita's rehab continues as she learns to swim off the coast of South America. Watch the video of Changuita's ongoing progress

Meet our two latest cubs.  Sofi, on the left, was found only about 400m from our house but we have no idea how she lost Mum.  Noelle came to us all the way from Peterborough in England as no-one was able to take her in.  They are both doing well and are in a nursery pen together - they are the best of friends.

Meet our two latest cubs. Sofi, on the left, was found only about 400m from our house but we have no idea how she lost Mum. Noelle came to us all the way from Peterborough in England as no-one was able to take her in. They are both doing well and are in a nursery pen together - they are the best of friends.

Happy Christmas

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Santa is good to you.

Check out our Blog to read about the new cub in the sanctuary.

Watch a mum otter and her two cubs having fun

We have some remote camera traps set up on Skye so that we can monitor the otters there.  Today we checked and got some great footage of the two cubs playing while their mum slept.  Check it out on YOUTUBE


Come on all you Team Otter fans.  Get involved in this special Year of the Otter.  We want everyone to be involved and we will post things here for you to do. 

But we know you have lots of ideas on how you can get more people to help otters.  You can raise money, or tell your friends, write poems, make pictures.  All sorts of things. 

We love to hear from you so contact us at

Meet our latest cub

This is Machair.  She was found at New Year on the Isle of North Uist, off the West coast of Scotland.  Isn't she gorgeous!  She weighs just over 600gm but is eating well so should soon start putting on weight.  You can follow her progress on the IOSF Blog

This is our winner of the colouring competition.  Well done Holly.  We were delighted with the number of entries and it was really very difficult to choose a winner.  So we decided to send everyone an

This is our winner of the colouring competition. Well done Holly. We were delighted with the number of entries and it was really very difficult to choose a winner. So we decided to send everyone an "I Love Otters" badge. Keep your eyes open for the next competition.

Otter News

This page will keep you up to date with all ottery news.  You can also check out the IOSF Blog and our monthly e-updates.

And we would love to hear from you.  Send us your poems, pictures and ottery news and tell us what YOU would like to see on your website.  We will add them to Your Page.  Email us at


So what are YOU going to do to help otters on International Otter Awareness Day - 27 May 2015?

Have a look here for some Otterley Great Ideas


27 MAY 2015 is the International Otter Awareness Day and we need your help in telling as many people as possible about otters and how important they are.  Maybe you could:

  • Have an otter themed party
  • Arrange an otterly fantastic treasure hunt
  • Make some cakes and sell them to friends at school - ask your teacher first!
  • Have a sponsored silence, or walk, or swim
  • Create some ottery pictures or other artwork

If you need more ideas have a look here

So get your thinking hats on and come up with something otterly brilliant.  But remember always to check with your parents first.

And do tell us what you are planning so that we can publicise it on our website

Competition winner

Well done Gracieana Milgate from Northampton.  Gracieana is 8 years old and sent us this lovely picture and poem.  In case you can't read the poem in the picture it says:

Otters can be grey

They swim in the day

They play in the waves

and they sleep in the caves

They eat lots of fish

but they don't need a dish.😀

More competition entries

Here is a picture by Oliver Thompson, from Swansea, who is also aged 8.

Alicia Nicholds from Dudley, aged 11, sent us this poem:

In the sea I suddenly spot, a miniature brown dot.

When I lean forward and squint, my head says take the hint.

It is brown furry and in the sea, its an Otter I see before me!

The creature's head turns and at me he looks, so in my hand I check in my books.

By the photos and colours in front of me, finding him is easy.

He is a Sea Otter!

Then the Otter dove into the deep blue ocean,

everything was calm and silent absolutely no commotion.

The lights in a nearby boat went dim,

The man stepped out of the cabin and walked along the pier.

He saw me and said hello my name is Tim.

I replied and said have a good day, then he walked away.

When I turned back the Otter had emerged.

A clam he held in his hand.

I watched him from the land.

He swam over to Tim's boat and hit the clam on it.

I saw the shell crack a little bit.

He hit it again, success with this one.

He ate the insides and then he was gone. 🤪

Varun Jha from New Delhi in India is 15 and he sent us this email:

Here's a poem I wrote for nature....Hope u like the poem...the poem I wrote is very near to my heart....I love otters such a cute, innocent animal killed for greed by us.   Hope IOSF works more for saving otters help their number increase on planet earth.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;

There is a rapture on the lonely shores;

There is society, where none intrudes;

By the deep sea, and music in its roar:

I love not humans the less, but Nature more......

Thank you Varun, that is beautiful and we will certainly keep working to help otters.  It is great to see you are so passionate about otters and nature. 🤩

You can find more information on otters at the IOSF website.

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